Chaos ; Child VOL.1-12 End *English Dub*

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Title Name 混沌之子
No of Disc 2 Disc (12 Episodes)
Version English / Japanese
Subtitles Chinese / English / Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

On 7th of September 2015 a man suddenly dies while streaming a video from his web camera. Later, on September 19th a street musician dies the same way while performing.
Miyashiro Takuru, a member of Hekihou Academy’s newspaper Club is tasked to investigate those incidents. His friend, Shinji Ito, directs Takuru to a clue – both incidents took place at the same day as the first two incidents of “New Generation Madness” from 2009.
Takuru tells this to Kurusu Nono, a vice president of the newspaper club, but she doesn’t believe him, saying it’s all just a coincidence. Takuru continues to stand his ground” “There’s a way to prove it’s not a coincidence. The third “New-Gene” incident happened on September 29th. Which is… today”. That instant Takuru’s cell phone rings. It’s Onoe Serika.
Trying to calm down his violently beating heart, Takuru gathers the other members and goes to a place Serika told them to…

澀谷因為前作後期發生的大地震而被摧毀,前作的 6 年後, 2015 年 10 月,澀谷已經重建完畢,復興中的澀谷連續出現奇妙的怪死事件──身為實況主的男子在自家直播中離奇死亡、在東京澀谷街頭演唱的女歌手因不明原因猝死…
碧朋學園新聞部部長 宮代拓留因緣際會之下,注意到這兩起事件跟 2009 年發生連串獵奇殺人事件「新世代的瘋狂(NewGene)」的首兩則事件的發生日期相同。就在持續調查與種種事件的牽引之下,宮代等人逐漸陷入事件的核心…

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