Hybrid Child VOL.1-4 End

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Title Name 眷恋你的温柔
No of Disc 1 Disc (4 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Subtitles English/Chinese/Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)
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Kuroda, the puppet master, invented the Hybrid Child, a specialized android that is neither a machine nor a real human being. Originally purchased by lonely rich people yearning for companionship, the Hybrid Child is able to grow like a human when showered with love and care by its master. Even though they are designed like dolls, they have consciousness and can feel all kinds of emotions.

Hybrid Child is made up of three very emotional and tragic love stories that explain the depth of a bond between a Hybrid Child and its owner.

动画主要讲述了叶月、濑谷、黑田三个不同Hybrid Child(Hybrid Child:既不是机械,也不是人偶,而是像一面镜子,反映主人的爱情而成长。)的持有者,与各自的不可思议的人偶Hybrid Child之间发生的纯爱物语,以及Hybrid Child制作者黑田深藏心中的凄美记忆

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