DigimonTamers: Digimon Adventure 03 (VOL.1-51 End)

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No of Disc 3 Disc (51 Episodes)
Version Japanese / Cantonese / Malay
Subtitles Chinese / English / Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (4:3)

Tai, Matt, Sora, Joe, Mimi, Izzy, and T.K went to a summer camp like any other. But it was short lived when beams of light shot down from the sky and presented, to each of them, a peculiar looking electronic device before sucking them up into a portal in the sky. The kids ended up on File Island in a completely different world. As they explored the unknown land, they were each befriended by a small, playful creature called a digimon. At first, the digimon didn’t seem to be much help in the way of getting the kids back home, but when they were attacked by a large, vicious digimon, the kids used their electronic devices(called digi-vices) to make the digimon “digivolve” into more powerful creatures, and they fought off the attacking digimon. As the kids tried in vain to find a way back to their world, their adventures led to the development of stronger bonds of friendship with their digimon partner, and the “digivolution” of the digimon in order to protect their human partners. As they explored the “digital world”, they learned from the noble warrior digimon, Leomon, as well as the dimensional being known as Geni, that they were the chosen “digi-destined” who were summoned to the digital world in order to save it from a great evil.

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