Divine Gate VOL.1-12 End

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Title Name 神圣之门完整版
No of Disc 1 Disc (12 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Subtitles Chinese / English / Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

When the Divine Gate opened, the living world, the heavens, and the underworld became connected, ushering an era of chaos where desires and conflict intersect. To restore order, the World Council is formed. As peace is restored, the Divine Gate becomes an urban legend.In that world, boys and girls deemed fit by the World Council are gathered. They are ones who aim to reach the gate for their personal objectives. Those who reach the gate can remake the world.What lies beyond the gate? When they reach the door, will the world change? Will it be the past that changes, or will it be the future?

神聖之門「Divine Gate」被開啟了。西曆轉為了聖曆,一道門把時代改變了。混亂到訪的這個世界中,人間,妖精,惡魔,獸,機械,龍,數多的種族而來,數多的意念在交錯。大家,為了追求神聖之門隱藏著的「真實」。來吧,到被開啟的門的,前面。

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