Flip Flappers VOL.1-13 End

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Title Name 輕拍翻轉小魔女
No of Disc 1 Disc (13 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Subtitles Chinese / English / Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)
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Cautious Cocona’s world is turned upside down with the sudden appearance of a fearless, though troublesome, girl named Papika. When these two girls meet, their adventures in a different dimension called “Pure Illusion” begin. Together, they go searching for mysterious crystals called “Shards of Mimi,” powerful items which are said to be able to grant any wish. However, in pursuit of these crystals, obstacles arise, and the shards shine enabling them to transform into fairy-like beings.

与奶奶住在一起的国中二年级女孩可可娜,某一天遇到了不可思议的女孩帕皮卡,并和她踏上一同在“Pure Illusion”这个世界找寻“耳之碎片”的旅程。而当两人的冒险遭遇危机时,耳之碎片开始发光,给予两人变身的能力。

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