King of Prism -Pride The Hero The Movie

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Title Name 星光美男榮耀之爭 劇場版
No of Disc 1 Disc (Movie)
Version Japanese
Subtitles English/Chinese/Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

Shin Ichijō and seven new students join Edel Rose training school to follow their dreams. They hope to become the next Prism Stars and appear in future Prism Shows. However, a plot lead by Schwarz Rose’s Jin Norizuki leads to a threat to Edel Rose’s existence. Over The Rainbow goes on indefinite hiatus to save Edel Rose, and the three performers go their separate ways. In order to return a huge debt, Kōji goes to Hollywood to produce film music. Kazuki goes on a street-style quest to rediscover his own origins. Hiro delves into special training to improve himself. In separate locations, the members come to face themselves as Prism Stars.

由浩、幸司與一月組成的『Over The Rainbow』,華麗出道後瞬間迷倒眾多少女,爬到星光界的巔峰,而「一條新」在一次「『Over The Rainbow』,的演唱會中,被華麗的表演和魅力深深打動,懷抱著憧憬進入「薔薇學園」就讀,與其他七名新生以成為耀眼的星光偶像為目標,共同奮鬥。但是由「法月仁」所率領的「施瓦茲學園」也在此時崛起,並在暗中策畫一連串的陰謀,打算一舉扳倒「薔薇學園」!

為了拯救面臨解散危機的「薔薇學園」,『Over The Rainbow』宣布無限期終止活動。「神濱幸司」為了償還鉅額負債,而到好萊塢擔任電影音樂製作;在敵人的挑釁下,身為體能系偶像的「仁科一月」也重新審視自己的定位;「速水浩」則是為了提升自我,而開始一連串的特訓。

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