Lu Over the Wall (DVD) (Japan Version)

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Title Name Lu Over the Wall
No of Disc 1 Disc
Version Japanese
Subtitles Chinese / English / Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)
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A genius that attracts audiences with overwhelming originality Tales that Masaaki Yuasa really wanted to make. – A junior high school boy who lives in a town of a lonesome fishing port, a day-old town – Kai lives with three people, a father and a grandfather of a parasol craftsman. Originally I lived in Tokyo, but my parents’ divorce moved the residence to the sunny town, my hometown of my father and mother. I can not tell the complicated thoughts of my father and mother, and I am facing back to school life with a feeling of being depressed. The only mental honor was to upload the music he composed himself to the net. One day, I am invited to join the band “Sirene” they are organizing with my classmate’s husband. When I went to Muraishima which is a rehearsal practice place, a mermaid girl / roe appeared before three people. Ru singing happily and dancing innocently. Kai will become able to express her feelings little by little by acting with such Rou on a daily basis. However, since ancient times mermaid exists in Nichinomiya that brings calamity. Futundiously, a big groove is born between Rou and the inhabitants of the town. And the crisis of the town you visit. Will Kai be able to save the town with a shout of heartfelt? Video benefits included

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