Naruto Shippuden Special Edition: Obito Gaiden

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Title Name Naruto Shippuden Special Edition: Obito Gaiden
No of Disc 1 Disc (1 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Subtitles Chinese / English / Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

Obito Uchiha as a child had dreams of becoming the Hokage but who would never
beat Kakashi or Guy. During his time at the Academy, Obito was later placed into a
team consisting of him, Kakashi and a young girl named Rin Nohara with the team being led by
Naruto’s father, Minato Namikaze. Obito had romantic feelings for Rin who actually loved
injured following a mission in which a boulder crushed the right side of his body. Believing
himself to be on the verge of death, Obito gave Kakashi’s left eye which had been left permanently
scarred and damaged during a fight against a lone rogue ninja. Many years later it is revealed
to Kakashi and Guy that the masked mastermind behind the criminal organization “The Akatsuki” has
actually been Obito the entire time.
Watch Obito transform into Tobi in this thrilling feature, discover what happened in the time that
passed after Obito’s supposed “Death” that changed him into who he is now.

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