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Title Name スキップ・ビート!
No of Disc 2 Discs (25 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format NTSC & All Region Code
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Kyoko followed her true love and childhood friend Sho to Tokyo so she could help him reach his dream of becoming an idol. She cleans, cooks, works three jobs and does nothing for herself because she loves him so much, but gets nothing in return. Still, she remains by his side. But then one day she goes unannounced to his agency with a delivery, and overhears him talking about her; he reveals to his manager that he only took her with him as a maid, and that he doesn\’t care for her at all. Upon hearing this, Kyoko doesn\’t just sit around and cry. She cuts and dyes her hair, changes her clothes and attitude and thus begins her journey to join showbiz and have her revenge against Sho.

故事内容讲 述女主角最上恭子本来只是一名京都的国中毕业生(现为16岁),因为青梅竹马──不破尚的请求而放弃高中随他来到东京。不破尚为成为歌手而努 力,恭子则负担了两个的生活费,为了照顾他每天疯狂打工、完全不顾自己却无怨无悔。不破尚来东京不久后迅速走红,开始疏离恭子。终于有一天恭子发现不破只 是利用她。恭子受到巨大伤害,完全失去爱人和期待被爱的心。由于不破的一句:“如果你要想报仇就进入艺能界吧。”恭子以无比的怨恨来立志成为艺人,以狠狠 打击不破尚。在她的执念及毅力之下勉强通过了第一次选拔,但二次选拔赛中却暴露出了她缺少对人的爱以及想被爱的心意而落选……

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