The Vigilantes in Masks / 怪侠一枝梅 1-36集完整版

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Title Name The Vigilantes in Masks / 怪侠一枝梅
No of Disc 3
Version / Year China / 2010
Subtitles Chinese
Format DVD 9 Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC


明朝中业,天灾为患,湘北灾民等待朝廷发放的三十万两救济金,救命。三十万两黄金赴运,却 被神秘人夺去,不知所踪,整个事件震惊朝野。同胞水深火热,朝中妖孽当道,而此时能力挽狂澜的,竟是一个醉生梦死的“酗酒汉”。
如今朝政被奸臣把持,蛊惑君王扰乱朝纲,江湖险恶也不及奸贼弄权,歌笑能享誉江湖,却未能守护爱妻如忆,眼见如忆为他遭盗奸臣毒手而惨死。既然朝中无人可信,不如另辟蹊径集结江湖高手。而燕三娘、贺小梅和柴胡三位帮手,怎也想不到外表潦倒的歌笑,有着惊人的智慧、卓越的洞察力,是天生的领导者。三个人为歌笑的人格魅力所叹服,在合作中找到新的目标:强强联手、打奸惩恶。梅花树下,四人立誓:侠盗“一枝梅”成立。自此,“一枝梅”四人生死相交,以梅花为记,坚守正义,活跃在民间,为百姓解决疑难事件,先后经历“最强武器”、“虫之患”、“决战峨眉”、“驯兽记”、“空山灵咒”、“忘了忘不了”、“阴谋”、“阳策”等大事件,诸多事迹传为美谈 。


Ming industry, natural disasters, the victims of Xiangtan waiting for the release of the court three hundred thousand two relief, help. Three hundred thousand taels of gold to transport, but was mysterious people away, missing, the whole incident shocked the ruling and opposition parties. Compatriots in dire straits, the DPRK evildoer in power, but at this time to turn the tide, was actually a drunkard dreams of “alcohol”.
From the song laugh, unemployed, downed, drunk all day. Who do not know the vicissitudes of the fallen man is the year so that the five lakes and sixteen are afraid of the “Jin Yiwei first divine arrest.” Righteousness of the present, the song and smiling promised many years of missing friends to find relief for the money come back. Song laughing act decisively and surprisingly, with the meter to find the helper was actually three people to avoid, the mysterious background, the identity of the suspense of the “Guaixia”: “Swallow Thief” Yan Sanniang, “thousand face actor” He Xiaomei and ” Thief “Bupleurum.
Now the regime was ruled by a traitor, to confuse the king to disrupt Asakura, rivers and lakes are not sinister and traitors to get power, singing and laughing to be known rivers and lakes, but failed to protect his wife, such as memory, seeing such as memory for his rape and tragic death. Since the DPRK no one credible, it is better to open up a new way to build rivers and lakes master. And Yan San Niang, He Xiaomei and Bupleur three helper, how could not think of the appearance of down and out laughing, with amazing wisdom, excellent insight, is a natural leader. Three people singing and laughing personality charisma, in cooperation to find new goals: strong combination, playing rape punish evil. Plum tree, four vowed: Grand Theft Auto “a plum” set up. Since then, “a plum” four life and death intersection, plum blossom for the record, adhere to justice, active in the people, to solve difficult problems for the people, has experienced “the strongest weapons”, “insects”, “battle” Emei ” “” Empty mind “,” forgot to forget “,” conspiracy “,” Yang policy “and other big events, many stories for the United States.

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