Kamen Rider Movie DR. Pac-Man vs Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider

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No of Disc 1 Disc (1 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Subtitles English/Chinese/Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

The film opens on Genm Corp, which falls under attack by a trio of gun wielding terrorists in white suits, with the big muscular one of the trio shooting his gun in the air to scare away the company employees. They use their combat skills and firepower to swiftly deal with security by killing the guards. A fourth member appears to join with the trio once the commotion dies down a bit, a mysterious figure who is phasing in and out of existence and wearing a Pac-Man mask. An alarm goes off and the surviving security warns Kuroto Dan on the phone in his office that there are hostile intruders coming toward his floor. Kuroto tries to pack up the Proto Rider Gashats and his Gashacon Bugvisor and flee, only to be held at gun point by the three armed terrorists. They seem to know who Kuroto is and the female terrorist says it has been six years since they last saw each other.

身份不明的游戏病毒生命体“Pac-Man”来袭,人类将陷入前所未闻的危机。以恐怖的趋势扩大感染中,天空寺尊(假面骑士Ghost)也因为感染上这种病毒,失去了变身的能力。另一方面宝生永梦(假面骑士Ex-Aid)追查敌人的真面目及感染源,但那正左右他自身的命运的“重大的真实”有着连系关系。被堵住去路的Ex-Aid与Ghost。谁能在这穷途末路的危机下拯救这两名假面骑士及人类们,那么,只有那些男人们。那些被称为传说的假面骑士们,会如何打破这个危机。追求安息之地到处旅行的Wizard,从这个地上失去身影的铠武,以及失去腰带先生的Drive,是如何再次地复活。袭击尊等人的全新命运,战士们的奇迹般的集结,以及与EX-AID有关的电视版有着直接连系的秘密,在此故事中揭晓明白。全都超Level up的假面骑士MOVIE,适合超级英雄年的对应高潮新章将与突入。

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