Kamen Rider: The Next Movie

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Title Name 仮面ライダー
No of Disc 1 Disc (1 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format NTSC & All Region Code

Two years after the events of Kamen Rider the First, a strange series of bizarre murders occur with the victims mutilated in a most gruesome fashion while pop star Chiharu’s “Platinum Smile” is being played, becoming an urban legend. Meanwhile, Takeshi Hongo has become a high school science teacher with a troublesome class with one student catching his attention; a troubled girl named Kotomi Kikuma who was best friends with Chiharu and is worried about her. By the time Hongo and her find a dying “Chiharu”, they learn she’s actually an imposter as the Shocker Inhumanoid Chainsaw Lizard arrives with the six Shocker Riders to carry out the task of executing Hongo, forcing him to reveal himself in as Kamen Rider 1 to Kotomi before escaping his hunters. At around the same time, Hayato Ichimonji is shown still alive but slowly weakening due to his body’s rejection of the cybernetic changes which made him Kamen Rider 2.

自从本乡猛(黄川田将也 饰)和一文字隼人(高野八诚 饰)背叛修卡的两年后,他们二人各自过着不同的生活。本乡在一所高中任教,时不时遭到学生的戏耍。一文字则整日整夜在夜店俱乐部花天酒地,以排遣修卡所带给他的痛苦和恐惧。与此同时,社会上接二连三发生离奇死亡事件,谣传他们死之前都听过偶像歌手Chiharu的诅咒歌曲。本乡的学生琴美近期恰好因此事而烦恼,他在家访过程中,意外遭遇一群修卡最新制造出来的假面骑士改造人。针对这两名背叛者,修卡展开了全面的围捕,而本乡和一文字必须携手挫败修卡的阴谋……

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