Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis

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Title Name Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis
No of Disc 1 Disc (1 Episodes)
Version japanese
Subtitles English/Chinese/Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

Shortly after Shinnosuke Tomari, Kamen Rider Drive, eradicates the Earth of the 108 Roidmudes, he is put on a special assignment to investigate paranormal activity elsewhere in the city. He heads to the temple Daitenkū-ji to speak with witnesses Akari Tsukimura and Onari, but as he is interrogating them, a Gamma appears and steals an Eyecon from the temple, prompting Takeru Tenkūji, Kamen Rider Ghost, to fight it, even though to Shinnosuke it seems that Kamen Rider Ghost is fighting no one at all as he cannot see the Gamma, and tries to stop Kamen Rider Ghost. Along the way, Go Shijima, Kamen Rider Mach, and Makoto Fukami, Kamen Rider Specter, join the battle, but a wormhole opens up and sucks in both Shinnosuke and Takeru who are sent back in time 10 years to 2005. It is the days leading up to the death of Takeru’s father Ryū, and he tries to stop his father’s impending death, unaware that his actions are changing history, and now in the present time the Roidmudes are still wreaking havoc on the world.

在消灭108名恶路程式的三个月后,泊进之介 / 假面骑士Drive与诗岛雾子因接受调查频发异常现象的命令,而来到“不可思议现象研究所”所在的大天空寺院与月村朱里及御成等人进行接触。不过这时天空寺尊 / 假面骑士Ghost为夺回被上级眼魔偷取的幽灵眼魂而战斗,但进之介因看不见眼魔而误会对方故意玩闹,后来加上诗岛刚 / 假面骑士Mach与深海诚 / 假面骑士Specter,及进之介这时拿到Mach驱动炎变身参战之下更混成一堆,此时朱里使用“不知火”让眼魔现身才打破这个乱局,四人继而合作将敌人击倒并夺回眼魂。正当众人庆祝彼此的合作之时,石碑却引发虫洞并将尊及进之介拉入时光洪流直至到达2005年,而刚好正是尊之父天空寺龙接近身亡的那天。另一方面,因两人改变了原本该成为过去的历史,却造成十年后的现在本来被消灭的恶路程式再次大举侵略。

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