Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden Movie: Ultraman Zero VS Darklops Zero

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No of Disc 1 Disc (Movie)
Version Japanese
Subtitles English/Chinese/Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

Stage I: Cosmic Collision
Rei and Hyuga sensed a distress signal from a nearby ZAP Spacy base. They dispatched on the Space Pendragon and track the signal’s source from a recent space distortion, which successfully dragged their ship into it. After awakened, they find themselves within a subspace linked to multiple distortions. The distress signal from before triggers again but the source is revealed to be from another Space Pendragon within a strange planet. As they explore it, they spotted Ultraman Zero and several other Ultra Warriors while being chased by two mysterious objects before the Pendragon crash-landed. The two set on foot and track the source of the signal, which was revealed to be from a wrecked Space Pendragon and found an injured Kumano, as well as another Hyuga, revealing them to be the source of the signal. As Kumano disappears, the second Hyuga revealed that since the past two weeks, time distortions begin to appear out of nowhere. The alternate ZAP Spacy arrives on a planet and fights alongside Ultraman Zero but has reached their limit.

Stage II: Zero’s Suicide Zone
Zero’s Zero Twin Sword drifted in outer space after his defeat by Darklops Zero until it was claimed by Utraman Leo.
Meanwhile, Zero finds himself trapped within a dimensional gap and faced against an impostor Ace. Following the battle, Darklops Zero was restrained once more by Herodia, remembering a figure named “Kaiser Belial” before deactivating. Rei was restrained after his failed attempt to intrude the alien base but was rescued by none other than his alternate self. Unlike the prime Rei, alt-Reimon was never able to control his powers, forced into the state of Reionic Burst until the original Rei punched Reimon, thus deactivating its Reionic Burst mode. Rei revealed that he lost his Raybrad instinct after Hyuga threw Seven’s Eye Slugger, creating a scar on his chest which symbolizes the former’s friendship with ZAP Spacy members. While searching for Rei, Hyuga instead finds his Neo Battle Nizer and an entrance to the alien base made by Litra. Although the fake Ace was destroyed, Zero try to find an escaped but was halted by Seven and Ultraman impostors.

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