Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers The Movie

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Title Name 梦比优斯•奥特曼
No of Disc 1 Disc (Movie)
Version Japanese / Cantonese
Subtitles English/Chinese/Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

In the beginning of the movie, 20 years ago, on the moon, the 4 Ultra brothers, Ultraman, Seven, Jack, and Ace were fighting a deadly foe known as Yapool, a monster that was several times their size and had a clear advantage. The brothers were barely able to defeat Yapool but the monster still needed to be sealed. However, to seal Yapool away they were forced to give up the ability to transform, and took up jobs to be in the area of Kobe in case the monster ever returned.

20 years later Yapool is raised from the sea again by alien allied forces, and Mebius must fight the aliens and Yapool. But when Mebius is about to lose, the Ultra brothers come to aid Mebius in his battle against Yapool and the Aliens…

梦比优斯·奥特曼降临地球的20年前,初代奥特曼、赛文·奥特曼、杰克·奥特曼、艾斯·奥特曼在月面与究极超兽 U杀手萨乌鲁斯进行了一番苦战,最终在萨乌鲁斯飞向地球时将其击坠。为了防止坠入神户海底的萨乌鲁斯复苏,四个奥特曼消耗大量光能量使用“最终十字屏障”将萨乌鲁斯封印。四个奥特曼终因耗能过多失去了变身的能力而滞留在地球。

时光回转到现在,梦比优斯·奥特曼来到地球已经半年了。在佐菲·奥特曼发来奥特签名,告知有宇宙人要破坏“最终十字屏障”封印的同时, 宇宙人联合乘坐看不见的飞碟来到神户。在一系列的宇宙人联合的阴谋之后,“最终十字屏障”封印被解开,萨乌鲁斯终于复活了。


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