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Title Name BURNING HANDS / 乘胜狙击
No of Disc 6
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2017
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC




[Chak Koon Yat/翟冠一(Ruco Chan/陳展鵬)], [Win Ho Ching Fa/何正花(Rosina Lin/林夏薇)], and [Hugo Ng Pak Yee/伍柏義(Joel Chan/陳山聰)] have been learning various swindling games and tricks from their master [Szeto Sing/司徒省(Pat Poon/潘志文)] since childhood. Chak Koon Yat and Win are even at the point where they are about get married. Due to one competition, the two break off their relationship and vow to never see each other ever again.

Soon after, casino tycoon [Fok Chun Sing/霍駿昇(Pal Sinn/單立文)] wants to look for a traitor within his organization, he conspires with Szeto Sing to force Chak Koon Yat and Hugo to take up a secret mission, which results in the two meeting with Win once again. At the same time, they also become friends with Fok Chun Sing’s daughter [Dawn Fok Hei Yan/霍曦昕(Kelly Fu/傅嘉莉)]. Utilizing everyone’s different unique skills and talents, they gradually discover that the traitor might be Fok Chun Sing’s right-hand man [Lam Lui/林磊(Geoffrey Wong/黃子雄)], lover [Yau Yuet Wah/丘月華(Rebecca Chan/陳秀珠)], or even one of their business competitors. However, the truth is often not as it appears….

Chak Koon Yat wants to find out the reason why Fok Chun Sing murdered his father [Tsang Tin Lung/蔣天龍(Hugo Ng/吳岱融)] twenty years ago so he infiltrates into Chun Sing Group(駿昇集團). The crisis-ridden casino will soon face a catastrophic change, which leads to good friends becoming enemies, severance of a master-disciple relationship, and bad blood between father and son…..

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Dimensions 20 × 18 × 1.5 cm
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