Fathers and Sons

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Title Name TVB DRAMA DVD Fathers and Sons
No of Disc 5
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2007
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC
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Top-ranked market research manager Man Tin-Tsz (Bobby Au-Yeung) is an expert at price comparison. , Commonly nicknamed “the Honorable Min Jeong Ho”, his personal motto is “always be price-conscious”. Tsz who relishes his yuppie lifestyle has been longing for an early retirement.

But the sudden return of his eight-year-old son seems to have completely shattered his dreams. Tsz has no experience in taking care of children and is totally clueless about how to look after his son. Luckily his ally-cum-rival Kam Mei-Tsun (Yoyo Mung) is there to help and look out for him in every way. The pair gets to know each other better and gradually grow to be great buddies. Later Tsz discovers that Kam is actually the one referred to as “Platinum Dae Jang Geum”.

Tsz manages to patch up his relationship with his godfather Ko Chi-Tim (Ha Yu) by a beef ball. Tim has been trying hard to accommodate himself to his son Ko Ching (Wong Hei) but Ching has given full attention to his own daughter and shows no concern at all for Tim. Ching has focused too much on his daughter that he has completely disregarded his responsibility as a son and a husband.

At the darkest moment in his life, Ching is lucky to still have Tsz and his soul mate Law Sz-Hei (Tavia Yeung) by his side. In the meantime, Ching happens to discover a secret that his father has been hiding all these years…

[格價專家]閔天賜(歐陽震華)是城中著名市場� {查經理,人人稱他“閔大人”,[花錢要超值]是他格價守則第一條。一天,八歲兒子突被送回身邊,徹底粉碎了這位鑽石王老五提早退休的優皮美夢。這個[生手阿爸]頓時變得目瞪口呆,幸得鬥氣好友金美鑽(蒙嘉慧)從旁為他處處度計,令二人本由鬥氣冤家變成和氣孖寶,原來她正是[超白金大長今]。


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