Law dis-Order / EPISODE 1-28 END

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Title Name Law dis-Order
No of Disc 6
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2016
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC

As the founder of the leading Chinese-owned law firm Donald & Co. in Hong Kong, CHEUK KAI-YIU (Lau Dan) has been re-elected as the chairman of the veterans committee for many years. Even though he promised managing partner KC Lau King Chang (Liu Kai Chi) that he would step down from his position, he deliberately invites the avaricious Cheung Keung (Alex Fong) to join the law firm to counterbalance Lau King Chang’s obsession for power.

Lau King Chang has built up his sphere of influence after having a long and distinguished career with the firm. Top associates such as Yam Wai Leung (Raymond Cho) and Martha Fong Ling (Mandy Wong) are under his control. Just when he thought he could easily handle his rival Cheung Keung’s team such as Pat Lee Siu Wah (Florence Kwok) and Nick Chow Lik Hang (Matthew Ho), an unforeseen traffic accident changes his plan. Taking advantage of the situation, Cheung Keung receives an enticing offer from Cheuk Kai Yiu and officially becomes a senior partner and also re-encounters Hazel Cheuk Yi Chung (Ali Lee).

Hazel Cheuk Yi Chung has a special identity within the law firm. She initially looks down on Cheung Keung but slowly grows to admire him. The two also form a mentoring relationship, which causes Law King Chang, the “ticking time bomb” to blow his fuse at Cheuk Kai Yiu. With the firm dealing with infighting for power and control, a toothless tiger that has been sleeping for years is finally getting ready to seek its revenge..

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