Law dis-Order / EPISODE 1-28 END

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Title Name Law dis-Order
No of Disc 6
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2016
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC



As the founder of the leading Chinese-owned law firm Donald & Co. in Hong Kong, [Cheuk Kai Yiu/卓繼堯(Lau Dan/劉丹)] has been re-elected as the chairman of the veterans committee for many years. Even though he promised managing partner [KC Law King Chang/劉謹昌(Liu Kai Chi(廖啟智)] that he would step down from his position, he deliberately invites the avaricious [Cheung Keung/張強(Alex Fong(方中信)] to join the law firm to counterbalance Law King Chang’s obsession for power.

Law King Chang has built up his sphere of influence after having a long and distinguished career with the firm. Top associates such as [Yam Wai Leung/任偉樑(Raymond Cho/曹永廉)] and [Martha Fong Ling/方寧(Mandy Wong/黃智雯)] are under his control. Just when he thought he could easily handle his rival Cheung Keung’s team such as [Pat Lee Siu Wah/李少樺(Florence Kwok/郭少芸)] and [Nick Chow Lik Hang/周力行(Matthew Ho/何廣沛)], an unforeseen traffic accident changes his plan. ( Taking advantage of the situation, Cheung Keung receives an enticing offer from Cheuk Kai Yiu and officially becomes a senior partner and also re-encounters [Hazel Cheuk Yi Chung/卓宜中(Ali Lee/李佳芯)].

Hazel Cheuk Yi Chung has a special identity within the law firm. She initially looks down on Cheung Keung but slowly grows to admire him. The two also form a mentoring relationship, which causes Law King Chang, the “ticking time bomb” to blow his fuse at Cheuk Kai Yiu. With the firm dealing with infighting for power and control, a toothless tiger that has been sleeping for years is finally getting ready to seek its revenge……
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