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Version / Year HONG KONG / 2016
Subtitles Chinese / English
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Short End Of The Stick(公公出宮) is a TVB period comedy drama series directed by Marco Law(羅永賢) starring Wayne Lai(黎耀祥), Nancy Wu(胡定欣), Edwin Siu(蕭正楠), Power Chan(陳國邦), Raymond Cho(曹永廉), John Chiang(姜大偉), Natalie Tong(唐詩詠), and Rosina Lin(林夏薇). The drama series was filmed in Kaiping, China and it is considered TVB’s Chinese New Year drama series for 2016.

With the changing of time, the Chinese monarchy period has come to an end. The three newly unemployed eunuchs [Lee Siu Kung/李肅恭(Wayne Lai/黎耀祥)], [Dan Tin/丹田(Power Chan/陳國邦)], and [Chan Siu Fung/陳小鳳(Raymond Cho/曹永廉)] are living on their own as regular citizens. Unfortunately, they encounter a con man pretending to be a eunuch [Choi Jun Sing/崔晉昇(Edwin Siu/蕭正楠)] and end up getting sold to the Kam family as servants.

The head of the household for the Kam family [Kam Heung/金香(Nancy Wu/胡定欣)] runs a rice shop. She may look successful on the surface but she’s full of worries for the future. While the oldest daughter for Kam family’s second son [Kam Tai Nam/金帶男(Rosina Lin/林夏薇)] likes to crossdress as a man and often gets in troubles. All of a sudden, the Kam family village is being cursed for no reason. In order to settle the villagers down, Kam Heung is being forced to look for a husband and she coincidentally marries Lee Siu Kung.

At the same time, the Tsui family sends in a spy [Wong Lin/黃蓮(Natalie Tong/唐詩詠)] to the Kam family to spread rumors and to entangle the Kam family’s second son [Kam Cheong/金昌(John Chiang/姜大偉)]. With the Kam family starts to fall apart, Lee Siu Kung stands up for his wife but he never reveals his true identity as an eunuch to anyone. With Kam Heung wanting to start a family, Lee Siu Kung and his good friends are using every trick they have to change the situation around……

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