The Brink of Law / Episode 1-25 End

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Title Name The Brink of Law
No of Disc 5
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2016
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC

重重突围揭开外围集团层层黑幕外围集团害人不浅,引起非法借贷、走私贩毒、买卖军火等罪行。举重男女主角凭着不屈不挠的精神瓦解外围集团。 一心以伸张正义为己任的高原本有大好家庭,父亲、却因被揭发赌外围马而自杀。高好友专门调查外围集团,发现案中有案,结果离奇毙命。高转职到时装店工作,发现高层可能就是令父亲及好友死亡的外围集团主谋。高向警方提供资料,警方要求他潜伏在内充当内线。高险露出破绽,幸得前女友颖帮忙,却发现对自己若即若离的颖原来是潜入公司调查的现役警员。

The court prosecutes Tong Chi Ko (Steven Ma Chun Wai) for slander. After reforming his life, he joins a fashion corporation as a legal advisor. He becomes good friends with Tung Yat Jun (Ron Ng Cheuk Hei), the nephew of corporation head Tung Jin Lung (Ngok Wah). Ko encounters his first love, Tsui Wing (Bernice Liu Bik Yi), but discovers that her relationship with Lung is atypical. Lung’s wife, Kam Chi (Michelle Mai Suet), accidentally learns Jun’s life-changing secret and swears to set him into a deathtrap!This time, Ko suspects that the fashion company isn’t simply engaged within the bounds of its business, but is furthermore involved with an international off-track betting activity. However, the truth of the matter causes people to be confused. Actually, who is the real person behind the scenes pulling strings?

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