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Title Name TIGER MOM BLUES / 亲亲我好妈
No of Disc 4
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2017
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC
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Full-time mother [Natalie Cha Heung Sin/查向善(Elena Kong/江美儀)] grew up under her mother [Eliz Yue Kai Yin/于佳妍(Michelle Yim/米雪)]’s strict “tiger” parenting and have adopted an authoritarian parenting style to raise her two daughters. However, her hostile parenting style leads to resentment from her older daughter [Venus Yim Sin Yue/嚴茜瑜(Kaman Kong/江嘉敏)] and the two’s relationship has been strained for a long time. Natalie’s husband [Yim Ha/嚴夏(Ben Wong/黃智賢)], who is supposed to act as a buffer for his wife and daughter, has a midlife crisis and engages in an extramarital affair. The husband and wife end up on the path of being separated…..

Natalie is not only strict with her kids at home but she also has a high standard for other people. That’s why she often fights with [Rebecca Yuen Yuen/袁圓(Koni Lui/呂慧儀)] during PTA(Parent-Teacher Association) meetings. Luckily, school counselor [Man Ka Hei/文嘉熙(Sharon Chan/陳敏之)] is able to help the two become fast friends by making them understanding each other better.

Natalie wants to pave the road of success for her daughters. However, one day, she finds out her older daughter Venus is dating Man Ka Hei’s younger brother [Hayden Man Leung Hei/文亮熙(Matthew Ho/何廣沛)]. So she immediately teams up with Man Ka Hei to break the two lovebirds apart. At the same time, a secret that has been kept for over ten years unfolds before their eyes and causes more strain on the mother-daughter relationship…….

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