Two Steps From Heaven / EPISODE 1-35 END

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Title Name Two Steps From Heaven
No of Disc 7
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2016
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC
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[Seldon Chun Sing Hoi/秦昇海(Bosco Wong/黃宗澤)], [Sean Fung Chuk Yin/馮汐然(Edwin Siu/蕭正楠)], and [Tim Yau Tin Hung/游天恆(Louis Cheung/張繼聰)] are known as “the Three Musketeers” in the public relation industry. The three often rub elbows with people in the upper class, leading the lives of luxury and glamor.

By chance, Sean Fung re-counters his ex-girlfriend [Max Koo Shing Sheung/顧成雙(Priscilla Wong/黃翠如)] and her little brother [Ted Koo Shing Hei/顧成曦(Luk Wing/陸永)], who are the children of real estate tycoon [Koo Fok Seng/顧復生(Pat Poon/潘志文)]. ( Under the leadership and management of their paternal older half-sister [Selina Koo Shing Fun/顧成勳(Alice Chan/陳煒)], the Fok Seng Group has become the most successful and well-known property developer in Hong Kong!

With Max Koo pulling the strings to open up the door to prosperity for “the Three Musketeers”, they start to make their way up to the upper echelon of society. Yet, the higher they climb, the more they lose. In the end, they even abandon their families, loved ones, friends, and dignity………..

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