Under The Veil / Episode 1-20 End

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Title Name Under the Veil
No of Disc 4
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2015
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC






Everyone’s outward appearance is only a facade. You don’t truly know someone until you know their heart. Although faces maybe the the same, the outcome is dramatically different due to the differences in people’s nature and inborn dispositions. The drama series “Under The Veil(無雙譜)” follows three folklore legends to discover the truth about human nature.


During the Song Dynasty, the prince [Chiu Sing Chi/趙承志(Stanley Cheung/張景淳)] believes his uncle Song Tak(桑德) is plotting to rebel against him so he secretly sends [Tuen Fung Sam/段鳳三(Kristal Tin/田蕊妮)] to gather evidence in the Liao Empire. Twin sister [Tuen Fung Sei/段鳳四(Kristal Tin/田蕊妮)] assumes the role of her brother to avoid suspicion. However, Tuen Fung Sam’s wife starts to suspect the person next to her in bed. On the other hand, Tuen Fung Sei reunites with her ex-lover [Yuen Sum Yeung/阮心讓(Raymond Wong/黃浩然)] but he suffers from amnesia due to an illness and forgets his past memory. At the same time, the prince suddenly disappears so the spirit bird [Si Loi Fung/時來風(Katy Kung/龔嘉欣)] sends the news out to Tuen Fung Sam through a dream in hopes of finding the missing prince. After all the ups and downs, Tuen Fung Sei is viciously attacked and on the verge of death. Yuen Sum Yeung finally recovers his memory and is saddened to see Tuen Fung Sei’s current condition……

《Judge Luk(陸判)》
The imperial city suffers from a serious flood and about to ruin the Ten Kings temple. Scholar [Chu Yee Dan/朱爾旦(Wayne Lai/黎耀祥)] rushes to save the statue of Judge Luk and ends up becoming an acquaintance with the God of the underworld [Judge Luk/陸判(William Wai/韋家雄)]. Miraculous. Chu Yee Dan comes back to life after death. He finally returns home to his wife [Wan Chu/還珠(Sonija Kwok/郭羡妮)] but they treat each other coldly. One day, Chu Yee Dan goes to the brothel and hit it off with a well-known prostitute [Yap Pan Heung/一品香(Sonija Kwok/郭羡妮)]. He then asks Judge Luk to swap the head of his wife with the prostitute. Afterward, Chu Yee Dan misses his wife dearly. During a fire at the brothel, he tries his best to save his wife. Chu Yee Dan regrets his previous decision and asks Judge Luk to return his wife back to normal. However….. (ahmike.com)
《Chasing Fish(追魚)》

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, [Cheung Chun/張珍(Bosco Wong/黃宗澤)]’s family becomes impoverished. However, he’s appointed to marry [Hung Muk Tan/洪牡丹(Eliza Sam/岑麗香)] before he was even born. With the appointed wedding coming up, Cheung Chun decides to explain his situation to the Hung Family. During his way there, he saves a carp fairy [Lau Yee/柳衣(Eliza Sam/岑麗香)]. Lau Yee secretly follows Cheung Chun to the Hung Family. Hung Muk Tan looks down on Cheung Chun for being poor and sends him to live at a broken house. To get close to Cheung Chun, Lau Yee turns herself into Hung Muk Tan and lives with him. The two then fall in love with each other. Cheung Chun later becomes a hero for standing up for the villagers. Hung Muk Tan suddenly becomes more attentive to Cheung Chun. Lau Yee is scared of losing Cheung Chun so she causes an uproar at the Hung family. In order to prove her love for Cheung Chun, Lau Yee willingly accepts punishment from the court of heaven…..


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