Young Charioteers

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Title Name Young Charioteers
No of Disc 4
Version / Year HONG KONG / 2015
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD Complete Set ,  All Region Code , NTSC


Young people always like to chase after their dreams and persist even against obstacles! However, as we grow up, some people lose their will to chase after their dreams due to a variety experiences, setbacks, and adversity, while some continue on and follow their faith all the way to the end no matter what. With several young folks born after the 80’s and the 90’s, they abandon their old beliefs due to the harsh reality in front of them. In the end, can they use the love of cycling to regain their old ambitions to restart and to find their directions in life?

The naturally talented Jedi-游達(Him Law) grows up in love with cycling and often competes in events during his middle school years. He dreams of one day becoming a professional and represents Hong Kong in international events. In the world of cycling, he comes in contact with Yip Fighting-葉輝廷(Sammy Sum) who is as talented as him. The two see each other as rivals to improve each other’s skills. Due to one incident, the rivals become good friends. But Yip Fighting suddenly leaves without saying goodbye and the two lose contact with each other.

Jedi gives up his dream to become a professional cyclist after his older brother passes away in an accident and becomes an accountant. With Yip Fighting, he also becomes an accountant and gives up on becoming a cyclist after his family moves to Taiwan because of his Dad’s business failure. After many years, Yip Fighting’s company transfers him back to Hong Kong and coincidentally in the same accounting firm as Jedit. The two friends are finally reunited but the friendship is no longer the same.

The childhood friend of Yip Fighting, Moon-陽光(Sisley Choi) also joins the accountant firm as a newcomer. Just like her name, she’s always full of energy but often causes problems due to her straightforwardness. However, with the help of Jedi, she is able to overcome problems at work and begins to fall in love for him. After Jedi finds out Yip Fighting has a crush on Moon, he decides to let him have her.

In the end, Jedi and Yip Fighting both fall for Moon. Yip Fighting becomes angry after he finds out the truth that Jedi purposely lets him have Moon. Yip Fighting proposes a cycling match so the two can duke it out and continue their rivalry in the past….

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